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02 pressimage l punk weekender l shirley baker girl punks in stockport 1983 958x559 article

The Firestarters: meet the photographers who captured punk

As Punk London’s year-long celebration takes over the Photographers’ Gallery with an exhibition of punk portraits, photographers Derek Ridger and Anita Corbin share the stories behind their iconic images.

Photo by gin satoh 13 958x559 article

Shedding light on Tokyo's underground noise scene

The late 70’s and early 80’s saw an explosive new scene emerge in Japan: noise. Photographer Gin Satoh was there to record the violence and volume; now for the first time his photos are being exhibited outside Japan.

Gay russia smallz 958x559 article

Story Behind the Still: How it feels to be gay in Russia

Twenty-seven-year old Ruslan, a ballet dancer at the Academy of Russian Ballet, smokes a cigarette at the Central Station, an LGBT nightclub in St. Petersburg, Russia. He was once married to a woman for five years but, following their divorce, he came out as gay. Mads Nissen reveals how he found his subject and why it became a symbol of self-expression.

Aw mkt article

DJ Artwork on why South London is the place to be this Summer

Dubstep pioneer Artwork hosts a tour of South London's music scene, showing that when it comes to seeing a city, it’s best to ask the locals.

Henry 2 958x559 article

Raw material: The subtle power of Henry Hussey's art

Henry Hussey turned his back on fashion design to find an original voice in textiles. But this isn't your typical ornamental embroidery. This is hard-hitting art packing all the urgency of trade-union banners.

Georgios makkas lo single 1 958x559 article

Story Behind the Still: The defiant joy of Afghan refugees arriving on ...

Two Afghan boys wearing Real Madrid T-shirts pose for a picture minutes after their boat landed on Skala Sykaminias beach on the Greek island of Lesvos. Hundreds of refugees, make this journey every day, boarding overcrowded inflatable boats to flee war and violence. But in the eyes of right-wing anti-immigration groups, this twosome are something to be feared. This is the story behind one of the boldest image in Huck’s Freaked Out Issue.

Prison 553836 1920 958x559 article

Seven citizen journalists face jail time in Morocco

Seven journalists and activists will face trial in Morocco for running an app-based journalism course in the country’s capital, amid growing calls for the government to drop the charges.

Thedream huck 03 958x559 article

How pinhole photography can capture stories of humanity

For over five years, Fabio Bucciarelli has been documenting the solidarity and spirit of those fleeing the Middle East and North Africa. The Dream is the culmination of those years: a photographic journey through the human condition.

Ikb huck banner2 958x559 article

Honest, intimate portraits of London’s skaters

Skate photography all too often glorifies the technique, the tricks, the board, over the community in which all three exist. Organic and personal from the start, skater and photographer Ian Kenneth Bird’s first exhibition features soft black-and-white portraits of his friends and fellow skaters.

Map5570 958x559 article

Photographer Peter Marlow celebrated by his Magnum colleagues

Magnum photographer Peter Marlow died of cancer in February 2016 at the age of just 63. Now an exhibition, featuring his works selected by colleagues will allow us a glimpse into his archive.

Ckusa3ixeaq2oso article

Skating beyond pain and prosthetics

Clément Zannini has a prosthetic leg, but he’ll be damned if that’s going to stop him skating.

Finbarrfallon ucl3 958x559 article

A victory for London’s rent striking students

Students in London have been on rent-strike for months, demanding more affordable accommodation. One university has now offered to cut the rip-off rents they're charging, but it's just the start of tackling London's housing crisis.

8877205636 c0a3715168 o 958x559 article

The Six Feet Under Club: an art project burying kinky couples alive

The Six Feet Under Club: an art project burying kin...